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IDL Application
IDL Application
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What is IDL?
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Inter-American Convention (1943)
Inter-American Convention (1943)
Convention on Road Traffic
Convention on Road Traffic

Other Requirements

Steering mechanism

46. Every motor vehicle shall be equipped with a strong steering mechanism which will allow the driver to change the direction of the vehicle, easily, quickly and surely.

Driving (rear-view) mirror

47. Every motor vehicle shall be equipped with one or more driving (rear-view) mirrors; the number, dimensions and arrangement of these mirrors shall be such as to enable the driver to see the traffic to the rear of his vehicle.

Audible warning device

48. Every motor vehicle shall be equipped with at least one audible warning device of sufficient power. The sound emitted by the warning device shall be continuous and uniform, but not strident. Priority vehicles and public passenger-transport vehicles may have additional audible warning devices which are not subject to these requirements.


49. Every motor vehicle having a windscreen of such dimensions and shape that the driver cannot normally see the road ahead from his driving position except through the transparent part of the windscreen, shall be equipped with at least one efficient and strongly built windscreen-wiper in an appropriate position, the functioning of which does not require constant action by the driver.


50. Every motor vehicle required to be equipped with at least one windscreen-wiper shall also be equipped with a windscreen-washer.

Windscreen and windows

51. On all motor vehicles and on all trailers:
      (a) Transparent substances forming part of the vehicle’s bodywork, including the windscreen and any interior partition, shall be such that in case of breakage, the risk of physical injury will be minimized;
      (b) The transparent parts of the windscreen shall be made of a substance whose transparency does not deteriorate; they shall be such that they do not cause any appreciable distortion of objects seen through the windscreen, and that, in case of breakage, the driver still has a sufficiently clear view of the road.

Reversing device

52. Every motor vehicle shall be equipped with a reversing device controlled from the driving position. This device shall not, however, be compulsory on motorcycles or on motor vehicles having three wheels arranged symmetrically in relation to the vehicle’s median longitudinal plane unless their permissible maximum mass exceeds 400 kg.

Exhaust silencer

 53. Every internal combustion engine used for propelling a motor vehicle shall be equipped with an efficient exhaust silencer.  


54. The wheels of motor vehicles and of their trailers shall be fitted with pneumatic tyres ensuring a good adhesion, even on a wet road. This provision shall not, however, prevent Contracting Parties from authorizing the use of devices producing results at least equivalent to those obtained with pneumatic tyres.


55. Every motor vehicle capable of exceeding 40 km (25 miles) per hour on a level road shall be equipped with a speedometer; Contracting Parties may, however, exempt certain categories of motorcycles and other light vehicles from this requirement.

Warning device to be carried on motor vehicles

56. The device referred to in Article 23, paragraph 5, of this Convention, and in paragraph 6 of Annex 1 thereto shall be either:
      (a) A signplate consisting of an equilateral triangle with a red border and with its interior part either hollow or of a light colour; the red border shall be fitted with a reflectorized strip. It may also have a red fluorescent area and/or be illuminated by transparency; the signplate shall be such that it can be stood firmly in a vertical position; or
      (b) Some other equally effective device, prescribed by the legislation of the country in which the vehicle is registered.

Anti-theft device

57. Every motor vehicle shall be fitted with an anti-theft device by means of which one of its essential components can be put out of action or blocked when the vehicle is parked.

Restraining devices

58. Wherever technically practicable all forward-facing seats of vehicles of category B as referred to in Annex 6 and Annex 7 of this Convention, with the exception of vehicles constructed or used for special purposes as defined by domestic legislation, shall be equipped with approved safety belts or similarly effective approved devices.

General provisions

59. (a) The mechanical parts and equipment of a motor vehicle shall not, so far as this can possibly be avoided, give rise to any danger of fire or explosion; nor shall they cause excessive emission of noxious gases, opaque fumes, smells or noise.
      (b) So far as possible, the high-tension ignition device of a motor vehicle shall not cause excessive radio interference.
      (c) Every motor vehicle shall be so constructed that the driver’s field of vision ahead, and to both right and left, is sufficient to enable him to drive safely.
      (d) Motor vehicles and trailers shall, as far as possible, be so constructed and equipped as to reduce the danger to their occupants and to other road-users in case of accident. In particular, they shall have no ornaments or other objects, inside or outside, with unnecessary projections or ridges which may be dangerous to the occupants or other road-users.
      (e) Vehicles of which the maximum permitted mass exceeds 3.5 t shall be equipped, as far as possible, with side and rear-under run devices.

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